Flatt Cola promotion at Mustache Bash 2011 (Chicago, IL)


Flatt has long been a proponent of facial foliage.  Men and women throughout history have used a lip caterpillar to convey an air of power, fame, and sex appeal.  From the pencil thin stylings of Doc Holliday, to Sam Elliott in the Big Lebowski, to Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec, mustaches of all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses have dominated throughout history.

Flatt hopes to add to the enjoyment of mustachioed partygoers this Friday at Stache Bash 2011, held to benefit prostate cancer research and located at Joe’s on Weed St. in downtown Chicago, IL.  Please consider coming down to enjoy the revelry, listen to some great music (and air guitar playing), and support a great cause.  Also, mustached or not, please tweet this link to your networks and spread the news about this event.


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Gameday in Madison

As Bucky looks to it first ESPN College Gameday appearance of 2011 against the obviously inferior Nebraska Cornhuskers, Flatt will be showering its hometown of Madison with samples, love, and smiles this Saturday.

Look for us around the Langdon St. area around 2pm, followed by Mifflin, Regent, and Brees.  Tell us below where you’re partying at and we’ll do our best to make it.  Also, we’d love some comments about how great Bucky is, how much Nebraska and Bo Pellini suck, or your general thoughts about life and the way it is.  Have a great weekend and Go Badgers!  – Paul

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Our new site!

Flatt Cola is happy to announce that our brand spanking new site is up and running. Let us know what you think here!

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